Italian Herb Jumbo Prawn Salad with Raspberry February 20 2014, 0 Comments

Serves 4

This delicious salad will heighten your senses. Tasty, refreshing, and easy. Enjoy with a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio.

You'll need:
2 cups selection of jumbo prawns
4 cups mixed salad leaves
2 tomatoes 
¼ cucumber
2 spring onion
½ yellow pepper
Handful of raspberries, white grapes, strawberries, and kiwis
OLiV Italian Herb Olive Oil
OLiV Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar

Arrange mixed salad leaves on serving plates. 
Cut tomatoes into wedges, dice cucumber, chop onion, dice yellow pepper.
Arrange jumbo prawns on the plate and top with vegetables.
Drizzle with Oliv Italian Herb Olive Oil.
Cut grapes into halves, slice strawberries, and dice kiwis.
Top salad with fruit as well as raspberries and drizzle with Oliv Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar.
Season with sea salt and fresh peppercorn ground pepper.